Krak des Chevaliers (Still Syria)

A Crusader castle in Syria with a long history Krak des Chevaliers is way the hell up a hill and HUGE (took 90 years and a few sieges to make it as big as it is today) Just as good—our … Continue reading

Camel Ride in Palmyra

A small town in the middle of the desert this is the closest the tour gets to Iraq. I have to admit that seeing a sigh that pointed towards Bagdad sparked interest in the entire group. But we arrived at … Continue reading

People Are People

Today, I am in Damascus, Syria. It’s a big city with all the big city issues—traffic, pedestrians and to much honking. But there are also stark differences—especially when it coes to cultural differences. First, the main religion is Muslin, That … Continue reading

Sense of Humor Day-Number Two

Today, we are crossing from Jordan into Syria in a 1970’s van (complete with red plushy interior and wood trip) that we have dubbed “The Shaggin’ Wagon”, machine-gun toting police just flew past us on the highway and one of … Continue reading

Syrian Embassy and Hollywood Lies

I had Friday off and thought I’d get my visa for Syria. In the three other counties I’ll be visiting, I can get a visa at the border. But not Syria. Nope. They want you to send in your password, … Continue reading