And we have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in or read my blog yesterday over at Pink Heart Society. I enjoy the site so much–it’s great too see other’s visiting. I love reading the insight and comments (both serious and humorous!) from … Continue reading

Pants off! Dance Off!

Being a writer can be a lonely profession. We spend a lot of time by ourselves, and in my case, the writers I talk to all live in other states. So last weekend, I decided it was time to visit! … Continue reading

Random Christmas Thoughts

1) Christmas lights synchronized to music are AWESOME! I find the whole show memorizing. 2) A yard full of un-inflated holiday decorations is NOT awesome and makes me think of an cheerful Christmas graveyard. Which leads me to… 3) I … Continue reading

Birthday Girl!!

Today is my birthday. Even at 44, I still love birthdays. Not for the gifts (though I d love presents!) but because birthdays are like individual New Years. While I don’t make resolutions, I do think about where I’ve been … Continue reading

Great night–for lots of reason!

I love Annapolis at Christmas. The lights. The cold wind blowing off the water. The people bundled up and walking about the town. It’s wonderful. Sue (my sailing friend) and I walked over the town last night, looking at the … Continue reading

Catching Up on Sharron

It’s been a fun summer and fall. Obviously, so much fun that I been too busy to blog! So—a few moments where I remember to take pictures (kinda): Slaughter Across the Water: One of the great things about Annapolis is … Continue reading

DFW Airport Crosses the Line

For the men who actually read this—just a heads-up that this blog talks about ‘girl stuff’ and it might be TMI for your man brain. If you keep reading and get icked out, I don’t wanna hear about it. I … Continue reading