The trip is over and done and finally—Istanbul! One of the oldest cities in the world it is the only city that is on two continents (Europe and Asia). Since my hotel was on the Europe side, that is where … Continue reading

One Word…

RAKIA licorice liquer, we drank vast quantities of it at a belydance show in Cappodocia. Then we headed to Fat Boys (best local bar ever!) and danced the night away … Continue reading

Goreme, Turkey

What an amazing town. Small. Friendly. Good food. Great bars (yay Fat boys!) But what doominates the lasndscape are Fairy Chimneys. Fairy Chimney’s are geological oddities–towers of stone left over from the wear and tear of time. And in this … Continue reading

Underground Cities

Imagine an entire city built underground and in the stone and you have the Cappadocia region of Turkey. And when I say city, I mean an area big enough for thousands of people plus livestock. Built during times of war … Continue reading


I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it did. Earlier, I posted that I used Spanish to get away” from people I didn’t want to speak to. Frankly, a lot of people in the Middle East speak French and English … Continue reading

Sense of Humor Day–Number Three

Today, we crossed the border from Syria to Turkey via taxi (three of them for our group). One thing that wasn’t written in the Intrepid trip notes was that the taxi driver will purchase packs of cigarettes and whiskey (two … Continue reading

Shopping-A Lesson in Charades

I went shopping yesterday. I needed leggings (it’s somewhat chilly and rainy here in Nigde) plus we plan to go dancing in Cappadocia and I have NOTHING to wear. But Nigde is anything but touristy and so very few people … Continue reading