Shopping-A Lesson in Charades

I went shopping yesterday. I needed leggings (it’s somewhat chilly and rainy here in Nigde) plus we plan to go dancing in Cappadocia and I have NOTHING to wear. But Nigde is anything but touristy and so very few people … Continue reading

And That Makes Three

Yesterday was a slow day. Not the tour itself but the fact we’re all dead tired. We went o Jerash—an amazing Roman ruin outside Madaba, Jordan. No power walking today….it was more of a stroll. But the real excitement came … Continue reading

Petra-Day Two

Petra is all about walking. Seriously,. Today, we put some serious miles on our feet. First hike: The High Place and roughly 900 steps. Again, while brutal, it takes effort. And on the way up—a lone donkey walking up by … Continue reading

Petra Day One

One of the (new) Seven Wonders of the World and made even more famous by Indiana Joes and the Last Crusade, Petra is exactly as fabulous as everyone who hasn’t been there thinks and hopes it is. Today, we arrived, … Continue reading

Filthiest group EVER

Right now, I am traveling with a group of people that range in age, gender and nationality. Our group leader (John) has dubbed us the “Filthiest Group Ever”. Why? Two reasons:1) We are smutty. It’s true. It seems we can’t … Continue reading

Wadi Rum Desert

Entering Wadi Rum (a desert) is like entering a movie set—it’s so unreal and so huge that it verges on unbelievable. We did quite a bit there—climbed up huge rock arches, hiked up dunes (which is really really hard may … Continue reading

Look Up!

Spent the night in Aqaba. A LOVELY town and but a bit dangerous. My roomie, Alexandra (Alex) and I were walking down the street to find a bakery and these who men were yelling at us. We ignored them because … Continue reading