Tequila, It Makes The Iguanas Speak

Taking a flying leapOriginally uploaded by Sharron McClellan Or it should…but I’ll get to that. Amy and I visited Tulum archaeological site today. Talum is a nice site on the coast. Normally, I would say that two hours is not … Continue reading

Helllloooo Cancun!

Wow, the resort is gorgeous! But there are things to consider when they give you a room. Ask for either 1) near the beach or 2) in the middle of the resort. Why? This place is GINNORMOUS. Amy and I … Continue reading

Spirit Airlines–You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. My travel agent (who I still think is wonderful thank you very much) booked me the cheapest air we could find for my trip to Cancun. She gave me what I asked for … Continue reading

Cancun–Spring Break for Grownups

Those who read my blog or know me know that I love Mexico. The people. The food. The culture. The archaeology. I think it’s one of the best places on earth! And I miss it daily. So I am heading … Continue reading

A Different kind of Travel- Navigating Credit Card Fraud

This will be a few blogs over the next few days and the purpose is limited: it’s to document my experience in navigating the waters of credit card fraud and to (hopefully) give people who are dealing with the same … Continue reading

Update on Oaxaca

A quick update on Oaxaca. I spoke with a friend who lives there and it’s tough. 38 hotels have closed and around thousands of jobs lost. The police arrived yesterday and the zocolo is closed. On the upside, people are … Continue reading

Not about travel but all about friendship

This has nothing to do with traveling but everything to do with my best friend, Cathy Pegau. Also a writer, she is a finalist in the American Title contest–figure that it’s American Idle but for writers. Anyway, voting has begun … Continue reading