Update on Oaxaca

A quick update on Oaxaca. I spoke with a friend who lives there and it’s tough. 38 hotels have closed and around thousands of jobs lost. The police arrived yesterday and the zocolo is closed. On the upside, people are … Continue reading

Not about travel but all about friendship

This has nothing to do with traveling but everything to do with my best friend, Cathy Pegau. Also a writer, she is a finalist in the American Title contest–figure that it’s American Idle but for writers. Anyway, voting has begun … Continue reading

Where in the World is Sharron?

Wow…and just when you thought I got caught in a riot and was lying in the gutter…I pop back up! And right now, I am NOT in Oaxaca. I am in Los Angeles visiting my sister. Why? Because I got … Continue reading

Teotihuacan-The City of the Gods

Yes, I went there a few weeks ago and this is late in being posted, but I’ve been busy with riots. Pictures of Teotihuacan Pyramid of the SunPyramid of the MoonLiving AreasStatues and Murals Day One. Getting there. Ah, the … Continue reading

Time To Go To The Beach

They’ve decided to bring the Army to Oaxaca on the idea that it will imprive the current political climate. Sure….it might. Perhaps it’ll make things better. Quiet the protestors. (picture me rolling my eyes while I type that) The last … Continue reading

Update on Escalation in Oaxaca

AFTERNOON UPDATE:Slides on today’s foray into Oaxaca Dad came over and we walked down to the zocolo (square). I didn’t see any military presence (they came in last night). Personally, I think they will come back at tonight when it … Continue reading

Escalation In Oaxaca

The roads in and out of Oaxaca have been blocked for a while by the teachers (I believe). Frankly, it was annoying but didn’t’ bother me too much. Sure as heck didn’t frighten me. Now, it’s getting worse. The government … Continue reading