Potty Mouth in Spanish Class

Ah yes, Spanish class. And once again, my teacher is falling over laughing. Here’s the sitch: Celso (my tutor) has a picture of three people and I have to describe them. A fairly simple task….one would think. I am going … Continue reading

I Said WHAT?

I started Spanish lessons this week, and I’m attending a wonderful school called Amigos del Sol I have a tutor since I need flexible hour. NOTE: if you come hear to learn Spanish I highly recommend Amigos del Sol. They … Continue reading

My Oaxaca—City under siege? NOT!

Slideshow of Oaxaca I’ve been reading the US newspapers in regards to Oaxaca and while some of their reporting is accurate, I have to say that I consider most of it either overblown or just wrong. I was at the … Continue reading


Mitla Pictures Today was another expedition day! THANK GOD—as I was going stir crazy. Note to self: Self—never go over a week without going someplace. So, this morning I hopped a bus to Mitla. A side note on the combination … Continue reading

Universal Truths

It has been a slow week in Oaxaca for me since I’ve been glued to my keyboard and trying to write. However, yesterday, I HAD to get out! So down to the zocolo for beer and quesadilla. SIDENOTE: A few … Continue reading

More Screaming…Yes, I said MORE SCREAMING

I was talking on the phone with Marcos the other day, discussing the fact his computer was totally messed up (actually, I was trying to fix it from what, 2000 miles away, but didn’t succeed), and what comes running at … Continue reading

Oaxacan Drivers–Crazy As Snakes!

First, let me say that I did not coin the phrase “Crazy as Snakes”. I heard that from The Gunrunner (for those who are NOT keeping up, that’s the guy in New Hampshire. New Hampshire Guy was not a good … Continue reading