Where the Old Things Are

Slide show of Calvert Cliffs State Park What a glorious day! There is so much to see in MD and the surrounding states that I decided it was time to get started. Of course, having perfect weather doesn’t hurt. A … Continue reading

Update on Annapolis

Slide show of Annapolis-Streetcars, Sunsets, and Cherry Blossoms Life has been a little chaotic since I moved to Annapolis. New job. New place to live. New people. You name it and it’s been happening. Whew! But there has been some … Continue reading

Welcome to Annapolis

I’m not back on the road again but I am in a new place—Annapolis, Maryland. The NJ beach was fun, there wasn’t much there besides the opportunity to meditate on the beach. While Annapolis and DC has everything! History. Government. … Continue reading

FAV Travel Sites

I miss my camera. I’m having a great time and wish I could share them with the world via pictures but my camera broke. In the meantime–some of my favorite travel sites: Where the Hell Is Matt: A GREAT site. … Continue reading

Conshohocken, PA—I Vote it the Best Place to Break Down in a Car

There I was, driving down the Penn turnpike, dodging trucks and thinking, “wow, this trip is truly uneventful so far,” when the gods-of-travel decided to make me eat my words. That ended me up on the side of the road, … Continue reading

Adventures from the road

I am traveling to NJ. A long way from Oaxaca but there’s a beachhouse for me to stay in. Bonus! I decided to drive my car from TX. Up until about an hour ago (before my car broke down on … Continue reading

Update on Oaxaca

A quick update on Oaxaca. I spoke with a friend who lives there and it’s tough. 38 hotels have closed and around thousands of jobs lost. The police arrived yesterday and the zocolo is closed. On the upside, people are … Continue reading