Sawa Beach

I might be a “fire sign” (Sagittarius) but I love love love the water. Yesterday, we hiked up Mt Sinai, and today the payoff is this—Sawa Beach. Tucked on the Egyptian Coast, it’s a little piece of paradise with bamboo … Continue reading

Mt Sinai

Today, we hiked up Mt Sinai. For those who know neither their bible nor Hollywood blockbusters, Mt Sinai is the birthplace of the Ten Commandments. Once you arrive, the point is to walk to the top. You can either take … Continue reading


this is a little late but better late than never…. Here is my first group–STUCK in the elevator at the Hotel Indiana (Cairo, Egypt). Talk about bonding! L-R: Lorena, Michael, Peter, Alex, Stacy )my roomie) On a side note, I … Continue reading

Aswan and Better Living Through Chemistry

Aswan is a fabulous city. Clean. Nice people. Great market. And a lot to see and do.But I will simply have to take everyone’s word for this because I am stuck in the hotel room-SICK. Yes, I ate or drink … Continue reading

Spanish-The Best Language to Ditch a Man

Traveling as a single woman in Egypt is a pain in that every man in the country wants to know where you are from, is it your first visit, do you want s boyfriend, etc. t’s charming and flattering at … Continue reading

Crying: it works in any language

I didn’t sleep much last night. It wasn’t the heat or the bed or because had insomnia…it was the urchin children running up and down the hallway and screaming. And by children I mean around 5 years old. They woke … Continue reading

One-liners for the day (Museum and Market)

I went with Kess and Pam to the Egyptian Museum and market. Mother/daughter travel partner, they are so funny and so much fun. Best one liners of the day:Do you want it back? We ate lunch and they tried to … Continue reading