North to Alaska. Specificaly, Cordova.

I forget how much I love Alaska until I return. It’s not just one thing though—there is so much to love. The green. The clean air. The lack of billboards. And of course, see the BFF and her family. The … Continue reading

Tequila, It Makes The Iguanas Speak

Taking a flying leapOriginally uploaded by Sharron McClellan Or it should…but I’ll get to that. Amy and I visited Tulum archaeological site today. Talum is a nice site on the coast. Normally, I would say that two hours is not … Continue reading

Helllloooo Cancun!

Wow, the resort is gorgeous! But there are things to consider when they give you a room. Ask for either 1) near the beach or 2) in the middle of the resort. Why? This place is GINNORMOUS. Amy and I … Continue reading

Spirit Airlines–You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. My travel agent (who I still think is wonderful thank you very much) booked me the cheapest air we could find for my trip to Cancun. She gave me what I asked for … Continue reading

Cancun–Spring Break for Grownups

Those who read my blog or know me know that I love Mexico. The people. The food. The culture. The archaeology. I think it’s one of the best places on earth! And I miss it daily. So I am heading … Continue reading

A Different kind of Travel- Navigating Credit Card Fraud

This will be a few blogs over the next few days and the purpose is limited: it’s to document my experience in navigating the waters of credit card fraud and to (hopefully) give people who are dealing with the same … Continue reading