Born to Run

Some of us are born to run and if you’ve read my blog, you know that I am a runner. I don’t’ mean pounding the streets in my Adidas but run as in ‘Run to someplace or someone’ or perhaps … Continue reading

ARRGGGHHH–It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, Savvy?

As much fun as Halloween and more magical than Christmas, it’s Talk Like A Pirate day! Here’s a few links t’ help you non-pirate speakers get underway: HOW TO: TRANSLATOR: Like this:Like Loading… … Continue reading

Hey, I made Spinsheet Magazine!

Okay, I barely made it but I’ll take what I can get Follow the pink arrow and that’s me! Or rather, my head. Yes, the rest of me is attached and yes, that’s a beer in my hand (oh the … Continue reading

Race Weekend in Annapolis

Pics from Sat It was race weekend in Annapolis this week and I have never seen so many sailboats on the water. Loads of fun. Sadly, I have few pictures because when the race starts, there is no time for … Continue reading

Dance Dance Dance

Obviously, I am procrastinating, but DAMN, this cracks me up! And yes, it’s my head! Can I shake it or what? Yes, you can do this too. Like this:Like Loading… … Continue reading


First Race Pictures This past weekend was my first sailboat race. Loads of fun and was exciting, periodically scary, mind-numbingly hot but never dull—even when there was no wind and it was more of a bobbing contest and less of … Continue reading

Give me Air!

Sailing with Sue I sail most Thursdays with Sue, Murph and Steve, Loads of fun and I am slowly learning the ins and outs of how to read the wind. This week was decent air—nothing as exciting as last Sun … Continue reading