Krak des Chevaliers (Still Syria)

A Crusader castle in Syria with a long history Krak des Chevaliers is way the hell up a hill and HUGE (took 90 years and a few sieges to make it as big as it is today) Just as good—our hotel, the Betaire. It’s right across the small valley and has a spectacular view.

We walked all over the Fort today and when we were standing on top of…oh…something..we ended up talking to some college students. They asked where we were from and we told them—America, New Zealand and Australia. When they students found out we were Americans, they were surprised to see us.

Who can blame them? The media goes on and on about how dangerous the Middle East is and sure, parts are freaking scary and should be avoided. Syria isn’t one of those areas. With the notable exception of a shopkeeper who was an absolute asshat, everyone here has been wonderful.

Anyway, we chit-chatted with the students about how the media blah blah blahed (basically making sure that everyone stayed freaked out because nothing sells advertisements like fear) and in thirty seconds, were had a huge group around us, just listening and them wanting to take our picture. It was just so damned sweet. The younger generation of Syria are just…endearing. So pictures were taken (I started to get almost a celebrity feelings)and then we headed back down to the guide who was waiting for us.

I’ll probably end up on a government watchlist.

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