Camel Ride in Palmyra

A small town in the middle of the desert this is the closest the tour gets to Iraq. I have to admit that seeing a sigh that pointed towards Bagdad sparked interest in the entire group.

But we arrived at Palmyra with no unexpected detours.

And this is where I had my first camel ride (no pictures today since the Internet in syria BLOWS. I will add some when I get to Turkey). Since the others have already ridden camels (I got sick that day) it was just me for this excursion. The driver arrived at the hotel just before sunrise, I hopped on the beast , the driver got on behind and away we went.

At first, we headed towards the ruins (which is also the reason we came to Palmya) to watch the sunrise. After the sun was up, we trotted through the area and he explained some of the archaeology of the area…while he tried to cop a feel!
Yep, my driver was giving it a shot . At first, I didn’t think much of it. I was driving the camel lnow and it makes sense that he’s occasionally have his hands on my hips. Then they just stayed there. A little weird but I shrugged it off.
Then he gave me a squeeze. I am fairly sure that wasn’t part of the trip. I told him to kowck it off.

I must say men here are persistent. He offered to marry me. Of course he didn’t mean it (I am not that dumb!) but it made me laugh. He tried to kiss me and I turned my head.

Seriously, what did he think was going to happen? I am not that new. So we rode back to the hotel and I left palmyra–unscathed and unmarried.


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  1. Your posts/pics are all amazing. The word “Wow” scrolls through my brain as I read.

    Geez, are ALL the men in the region so dang obnoxious/forward/in need of a good smack?

    Glad you didn’t marry him cuz I have no idea what wedding gift to get for a romance writer/camel driver couple ; )