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Santa Under Cover by Sharron McClellan. Part of the Blackout at Christmas Anthology, Silhouette Romantic Suspense

Blackout at Christmas (Holiday Anthology): Santa Under Cover, SRS
November 2009
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On a trip to see Santa at the mall, the lights go out and a child goes missing. To stay alive, this couple must outsmart the Christmas bandits holding them hostage.



Mercenary's Promise by Sharron McClellan,  Silhouette Romantic SuspenseMercenary’s Promise, SRS
September 2009
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Wilderness guide Bethany Darrow was desperate to save her kidnapped sister in Colombia, but lying about having the money to pay dark, mysterious mercenary Xavier Monero would cost her dearly. Especially when their forced proximity during a dangerous jungle rescue unleashed a smoldering, irresistible attraction.Xavier knew the beautiful American was trouble the second he laid his eyes on her. Taking Bethany on the mission was a risk, and he wasn’t prepared for the peril she placed on his heart. Suddenly he wanted more than fortune—he wanted Bethany, body and soul. But everything comes with a price….

Mercenary's Honor, by Sharron McClellan, Silhouette Romantic SuspenseMercenary’s Honor, SRS
September 2008
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In Bogotá, it could be difficult to tell which was which. Since witnessing a brutal murder, Fiona had been on the run. The reporter’s only shot at survival was tracking down the notorious mercenary “Angel.”

As skilled with weapons as Fiona was with words, the dark, sullen merc thought her naive and foolhardy, yet he agreed to get her out of Colombia even at his own peril. But Fiona desired more than safety; she wanted justice. And soon, she realized, she wanted Angel.…