Santa Under Cover

Santa Under Cover

Blackout at Christmas (Holiday Anthology): Santa Under Cover

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On a trip to see Santa at the mall, the lights go out and a child goes missing. To stay alive, this couple must outsmart the Christmas bandits holding them hostage.


Romantic Times Magazine (4.0) This wonderful trio of short stories reminds readers that the holidays can sometimes be magical — especially when you least expect it.


mercenarys_promise_smMERCENARY’S PROMISE

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Showdown in the jungle

Wilderness guide Bethany Darrow was desperate to save her kidnapped sister in Colombia, but lying about having the money to pay dark, mysterious mercenary Xavier Monero would cost her dearly. Especially when their forced proximity during a dangerous jungle rescue unleashed a smoldering, irresistible attraction.

Xavier knew the beautiful American was trouble the second he laid his eyes on her. Taking Bethany on the mission was a risk, and he wasn’t prepared for the peril she placed on his heart. Suddenly he wanted more than fortune–he wanted Bethany, body and soul. But everything comes with a price….

Romantic Times Magazine (4.0)
This terrific, action-packed story is full of tension, surprises, and a duo that sets sparks flying


mercenarys_honor_smMERCENARY’S HONOR

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

In Bogotá, it could be difficult to tell which was which. Since witnessing a brutal murder, Fiona had been on the run. The reporter’s only shot at survival was tracking down the notorious mercenary “Angel.”

As skilled with weapons as Fiona was with words, the dark, sullen merc thought her naive and foolhardy, yet he agreed to get her out of Colombia even at his own peril. But Fiona desired more than safety; she wanted justice. And soon, she realized, she wanted Angel.…

Romantic Times Magazine (4.5) Top Pick
Sharron McClellan’s Mercenary’s Honor (4.5) is one heck of a thrill ride. It will get your heart pumping, not only for the nonstop action, but also for the so-called hardened mercenary who has no intention of playing the hero — until he falls in love. ~ Sandra Garcia-Myers

CataRomance: Sharron McClellan creates stories where the reader becomes completely riveted and highly anticipates every word….With chillingly realistic situations, heartfelt emotions and spirited characters, MERCENARY’S HONOR is a suspenseful yet touching love story.


Breathless, an Athena Force Novel by Sharron McClellan, Silhouette Romantic Suspense

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Silhouette Romantic Suspense
February 2008


Salvaging for clues on an abandoned vessel should have been simple. But a hostile force—and an unbelievably handsome diving buddy—have turned up the heat. If Jess ever wants to set foot on dry land again she’ll have to contend with her enemy—and her lover—or risk revealing her deepest secret.

Athena Academy’s darkest nemesis is gunning for her, but USMC Combatant Diver Jessica Whittaker is not easily intimidated. Without thinking twice, she volunteers to do anything to help bring down the school’s deadliest enemy.

Her assignment: an expeditionary mission aboard a sunken ship.

All cover art copyright Harlequin
Enterprises 2007
CK2’S (5): BREATHLESS exemplifies what I’ve come to expect from the AthenavForce series. Sharron McClellan perfectly captures all the elementsvthat first made me fall in love with this line: a sharp heroine whovis able to handle herself in dangerous situations, a male who is both capable and willing to let the heroine be independent, and a fast paced storyline. What more could I ask for as a reader?~ Debbiev
Romantic Times Magazine 4.5 Sharron McClellan’s Breathless (4.5) is the perfect next step in the Athena Force series. McClellan makes her characters realistic and exciting at the same time, and her story is incredibly gripping —Alexandra Kay
Cataromance 5 Stars: The danger fueling the romantic suspense stories by Sharron McClellan is always masterfully implemented, keeping the reader enthralled from beginning to end. …BREATHLESS has engaging dialogue, credible characters and thrilling action which hold readers captivated all through the book.-Amelia Richard
Hidden Sanctuary, a Madonna Key novel, by Sharron McClellan, (Bombshell Line)HIDDEN SANCTUARY
Silhouette Bombshell
MADONNA KEY, Book 5. Silhouette Bombshell
Romantic Times 3.0

The unconventional Tru Palmer doesn’t just do geological work for a powerful oil company–she’s a dowser, able to sense energies, and even glimpses of history, off of rocks and minerals. So, when she finds a cache of ancient tiles in a remote Nubian village, she can tell that there’s something special about them, apparently special enough that someone assaults their guardian and steals them.

Feeling partly responsible for their loss, Tru tries to stay ahead of company man Griffin Sinclair as she tracks the stones to Southern France, where she finds more than she bargained for: a group of women working together to uncover a hidden history; a place of great power; and an important family whose secrets may just kill her.

The Midas Trap, by Sharron McClellan, (Bombshell Line)The Midas Trap, by Sharron McClellan, (UK Version. Bombshell Line)THE MIDAS TRAP
Silhouette Bombshell
ISBN: 0373513534

Romantic Times 4.5 Top Pick

Archaeologist Veronica Bright has a thirst to prove herself to the world. Her business,Discovery, Inc., a company devoted to the recovery of ancient artifacts, has done very well, but it’s still not enough. In the end only one thing can bring back her reputation as a legitimate scientist—she must
uncover evidence that supports her theory of ancient mythology being based on truth.

Dr. Simon Owens walked in the doors of Discovery, Inc. with a solid gold mouse in his pocket, and an offer to pay her generously for her expertise in helping him locate the legendary Midas Stone—a mythological gem with the abilities to turn anything into gold. Veronica was intrigued, but not convinced.

But once the artifact tests as authentic, how can she resist the possibility to uncover a piece of history that can restore not only her reputation and that of her colleagues, but make her rich beyond her wildest dreams?

Time is running out and the risk may be too high. Simon doesn’t want her along, his past is too clean and she doesn’t trust him. On an adventure like this, things can go from dangerous to lethal in an instant. Will he guard her back or run when faced with adversity and the possibility of breaking a few minor laws? And will the powers of the stone turn divine or deadly?

All cover art copyright Harlequin Enterprises 2007


ImaJinn Books, June 2004
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