40,000 feet and 11 Hours

4:20PM and leaving JFK
I am finally heading to the Middle East—Egypt Jordan, Syria and Turkey (in that order). It still seems a tad surreal. I’ve been planning this trip since last May and now…it’s here. Weird. It still doesn’t feel quite real, although real enough to be a bit nerve -wracking.

Face it, it’s been a long while since I took a vacation by myself and other than the archaeological history, I know very little about Middle East Culture. And even that knowledge is a bit sketchy. So, here I am at 40(ish) thousand feet, whisking across the ocean in a giant metal tube, and looking for adventure!

4AM and six hours later (approx)
Sitting just ahead of me is a young woman with two kids. When we first took off, the kids screamed and screamed and frankly, I felt sorry for both them and their mother. I’d imagine that as a mom, it has to be amazingly frustrating to be in a plane and not be able to calm your kid down. No one wants to be “that family”.

But that was about 6 hours ago. Now, my compassion quotient is used up as one child has a meltdown every thirty minutes…like he’s on a timer. Seriously. Every. Thirty. Minutes. I think if I could get some sleep, I’d feel better towards them but right now…not so much.

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